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Welcome to ICE 360° School Projects

Are you looking for a real world English speaking experience without traveling abroad? Well look no further, ICE 360° School Projects are here! ICE 360° is a project designed to help your students take their current knowledge of English skills learned in the classroom and apply them in real world situations.

ICE stands for Inspire, Cultivate, and Educate and aims to:

  • Inspire students by creating a modern and practical way of teaching the English language. We aim to instill confidence in children and motivate them to move beyond their comfort zone, allowing them to explore their full potential.
  • We want to Cultivate young minds by introducing them to various Native English speakers and planting seeds of curiosity and a drive to explore culture outside their own hometown.
  • Ultimately we want to Educate these young minds by giving them more hands on and real life experiences that will help them gain a whole new perspective of the world and themselves.

For further information or to arrange a free meeting with the ICE 360° team feel free to contact us via email at or complete the form located at the bottom of the page.


“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein




Job Offer: Native Speaker English Coach

Native Speakers / Team

Phil Gamble

Phillip Gamble

Hello my name is Phillip Gamble. I’m from Bainbridge, Georgia in the USA. I am currently a professional American Football Player in Hildesheim. For me ICE 360° is an opportunity to show students that anything that they would like to do in life is possible.
Kimika Rozier

Kimika Rozier

Hello my name is Kimi and I am originally from San Diego California. Just as playing professional volleyball has been a platform for me to expand far past my horizons, I believe learning a new language can serve the same opportunity for students. ICE 360° is my way of expressing my deep rooted passion for inspiring students as well as encourage them to break past their comfort zones to see what new opportunities await them.

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